Women With Attitude

Time: 6:14 minutes
Excerpt: "The mix of Mexican genres and African American vocalizing, is the trademark of the Eastside Singing sound."
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In 1959, 14 year-old Rosie Mendez-Hamlin wrote the melody for "Angel Baby". The song became a national hit in 1961 even though it took years for Rosie to get full songwriting credit for “Angel Baby”.

This song influenced generation of girl groups that would come after her with their high bouffant hairdos and rich vocal harmonies, the Arivzu Sisters, daughters of Mexican vocalists, were the premier Eastside girl group.  Listen here to "ooh poo pa do," showcasing Mexican falsetto yodel that "breaks" the note.
The mix of Mexican genres and African American vocalizing, is the trademark of the eastside singing sound.
The press dubbed best-selling singer Linda Ronstadt the "Queen of the Rock" in the ‘70s, in her 1974 no 1. Billboard hit "you're no good."  Linda  mixes country, rythms and blues, with African American gospel harmonies.
Listen to this song where Ronstadt powers out Mexican style ranchera vocals with its trademark falsetto yodel accompanied by Mariachi Vargas,  uniting  fans in the U.S. and Latin America.
Alice Bag was born Alicia Armendariz to Mexican immigrants who lived in east L.A. Her piercing primal shrieks helped define the vocal texture of West Coast Hardcore Punk Rock and the Hollywood scene.
Teresa Covarribias's strong writing and lyrical voice made the Brat East L.A.'s most beloved punk/new wave band.  In "attitudes," Teresa refuses to play nice as her nasal vocals stretch-out rancheravocal phrasing.
The do-it-yourself era of the early punk and Chicano music scenes inspired East L.A. Singer-songwriter-guitarist Lysa Flores to create her own indie record label called "Bring Your Luv".