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Behind the Scenes: The Making of the American Sabor Exhibition

Six years ago, professors from the University of Washington (UW) approached Experience Music Project (EMP) with the idea of chronicling the history of Latino music in the U.S. through an epic exhibition. According to Jasen Emmons, EMP’s curatorial director, the professors explained how Latino artists and Latino music’s influence is often overlooked or altogether ignored, and they wanted to collaborate on an exhibition that highlighted its impact and contributions.

The Sabor Blog - Why a Blog?

Hispanic Heritage Month is upon us—a time to honor the contributions of Hispanics to the fabric of this nation. In celebration we are launching the Sabor Blog. Why a blog you ask? What is American Sabor?

This Smithsonian traveling exhibition sponsored by Ford chronicles the impact of Latino music in the U.S. through 5 cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, San Antonio and New York. It highlights how Latino musicians have influenced popular music throughout the decades and will start to tour in early 2011.