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Noticias, Eventos e Historias de la comunidad latina a través de E.E.U.U.

SPECIAL GUEST BLOG: American Jazz Museum Celebrates American Sabor with a Festival of Tributes

The Festival of Tributes was a celebration of arts electrified. The night welcomed around 300 guests who celebrated the unveiling of American Sabor at the American Jazz Museum. American Sabor opened with a bang, bass, and a conga drum. Festival of Tributes was the kick off to a season full of programming to bring Kansas City together through various forms of art, music, dance, spoken word, and “conversaciones.”

New York Welcomes American Sabor with a Distinctive Latin Beat

Intoxicating rhythms filled the air as guests moved to the beats of mambo, salsa and Latin Jazz at the April 19th opening of American Sabor: Latinos in U.S.

American Sabor Celebrates the Heritage of Latino Musicians in the Fresno Valley

     Last month, American Sabor made the fifth stop on its national tour at Arte Américas: Casa de la Cultura in Fresno, California. Arte Américas premiered the exhibition during a special reception that served as the kick-off to a series of community programs and events, such as music and dance workshops, a Latin music film series, a contest to select the best youth Latin bands and vocalists in the Fresno region,and an exclusive teacher preview of the exhibition.

SPECIAL GUEST BLOG: American Sabor Gets Visitors Dancing at the Dallas Latino Cultural Center

Latino music has been wafting through the galleries of the Latino Cultural Center of Dallas ever since the installation of American Sabor, much to the pleasure of patrons of the Center. Visitors have been charmed by images of their favorite Latino musicians as well as old LP covers.

American Sabor Dances with Dallas

American Sabor is in full swing in the Big D! On March 22, the Latino Cultural Center celebrated the Dallas opening of American Sabor with a special reception for the community of honor – a group comprised of community leaders, educators, youth groups, and others that support the exhibition's presence in Dallas. 

San Francisco Teens Help Celebrate American Sabor During Showcase

Five talented teen and youth dance and music groups participated in the Teen Latin Dance Showcase program at the San Francisco Public Library.  Over 200 audience members cheered on over 50 dancers and musicians. 

Last in the series: San Francisco Public Library Program Shares Latin Culture with Children

Singer/Songwriter  Francisco Herrera performs 

Second in the series: San Francisco Public Library Draws Crowds to Music Programs

Orquesta La Moderna Tradicion performed to an exuberant audience of about 100 at the Mission Branch Library on October 1.

San Francisco is Full of Latin Flavor as the Library Presents Series of Engaging Public Programs

This week we’ll be highlighting the inviting public programs that have brought children, families and young adults to the San Francisco Public Library as they share the vibrancy of Latin music, dance and culture in conjunction with the American Sabor exhibition. The exhibition is on view through Nov. 13 and more great programs are planned.


Latin Beats and Tiny Feet Come Together

Artists Champion Their Heritage Through Music

Latino influences can be seen everywhere in the U.S. Salsa competes head to head with ketchup as America’s condiment of choice. Who hasn’t heard or danced to the “Macarena”? Even Elmo and his pals on “Sesame Street” have rocked out to mariachi music on their show.