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San Francisco

San Francisco Teens Help Celebrate American Sabor During Showcase

Five talented teen and youth dance and music groups participated in the Teen Latin Dance Showcase program at the San Francisco Public Library.  Over 200 audience members cheered on over 50 dancers and musicians. 

Last in the series: San Francisco Public Library Program Shares Latin Culture with Children

Singer/Songwriter  Francisco Herrera performs 

Second in the series: San Francisco Public Library Draws Crowds to Music Programs

Orquesta La Moderna Tradicion performed to an exuberant audience of about 100 at the Mission Branch Library on October 1.

San Francisco is Full of Latin Flavor as the Library Presents Series of Engaging Public Programs

This week we’ll be highlighting the inviting public programs that have brought children, families and young adults to the San Francisco Public Library as they share the vibrancy of Latin music, dance and culture in conjunction with the American Sabor exhibition. The exhibition is on view through Nov. 13 and more great programs are planned.


Latin Beats and Tiny Feet Come Together

SPECIAL GUEST BLOG: Sabor Opening Concert in San Francisco Has Audience Dancing in the Aisles

The John Santos Sextet performed to a standing-room only packed house in the Koret Auditorium at the San Francisco Public Library on August 27.  As the opening program, the five-time Grammy nominated John Santos and his stellar sextet kept the crowd dancing in their seats and in the aisles throughout the program.  The audience was ecstatic when John brought out a surprise guest, Maraca (Orlando Valle), the renowned Latin flautist, to sit in with the group and play a set.  Many in the audience lingered after the program to talk with John, his fellow musicians and with library

Bill Graham and Santana at Woodstock

Fresh to the San Francisco music scene—playing a combination of bluesy electric guitar, Latin percussion and organ—Carlos Santana rose to the national music stage through his performance at Woodstock, thanks to Bill Graham. Graham agreed to help recruit performers for Woodstock under the condition that Santana, a little known band at the time, perform at the show.

The Anniversary of Woodstock

Forty-two years ago this week, half a million people gathered on a dairy farm near Bethel, New York to listen to 32 acts perform over a rainy weekend. Two sounds coming from San Francisco who were part of the Woodstock experience are also featured in American Sabor: Joan Baez and Carlos Santana. This week, we’ll highlight their musical contributions.

Behind the Scenes: American Sabor

At the exhibition you’ll learn that music that is considered deeply “American” like Richard Berry’s 1955 rock n’ roll hit, “Louie Louie,” is built on the rhythmic foundation of Latin sounds. In the case of “Louie Louie,” it’s the cha-cha-chá. Check out The Kingsmen version below to hear for yourself. Was there one musician that the curatorial team wishes they could have included in the exhibition? Yes, José Feliciano.