Abriendo el Camino para la Música Tejana

Presentando: Carlos Landin
Tiempo: 1:19 minutos
Extracto:"Nosotros éramos tejanos. Nosotros teníamos nuestra música que era única; nosotros inventamos esa música."
transcripción completa

Word spread out for all of us, not just for me, for Carlos Landin and the Rondels, but for Sunny and Little Joe and Joe Bravo, all the bands, Royal Jesters, you know, all those cats, man. My, my deepest respect for all of 'em and, you know, we did it, we did it our way, you know.  We did it our way, because there was...  You couldn't compare us to anybody and say, "Well, they're like, you know, Anglos, or they're Mexicanos from Mexico, or they're..."  No, we were Tejanos.  We had our music that was unique;  we invented that music, you know. We were the pioneers of that style of music that is still being played by the young cats of nowadays, you know, in a different way and different arrangements and stuff, but we paved a lot of the roads.  I mean, we put the pavement on it where it was rocks and, you know, and burrs, and you know, we paved it for 'em, I mean, without nothing, you know, and I'm proud of that, proud of the kids that are doing it right now.