Arranging Part 2

Presentando: Ray Santos
Tiempo: 0:59 minutos
Extracto:"¿Qué puedo hacer para hacerlos bailar? Siempre mantén el bailador en mente."
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     My role as an arranger was always -- nine times out of ten I was given an assignment.  Yeah, you know, to write something for a singer.  So it's my job to first get the composition and analyze it, you know, and try to -- at the piano, create a harmonic structure for the arrangement.

     Whenever I would write an arrangement I would think in my mind, "Will the people dance here?" You know, "What can I do here to make them dance?" Always keep the dancer in mind.  So you get that beat, that rhythm section can synchronize and really get a nice lift to the music through what the saxophones and the trumpets are doing, and you get that combination.  The main thing was intensify the beat to make the people dance.