Arranging Part 3

Presentando: Andy Gonzales
Tiempo: 0:51 minutos
Extracto:"Siento decirlo,  pero yo fui el responsable de que Eddie Palmieri tocara el piano con sus codos."
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Henry Cowell was a composer of what they called -- I don't know what he called it, but it was really some avant-garde piano playing, which involved even writing music for elbows on the piano, playing with clusters, what they called sound clusters, where you're playing like not exactly the same set number of notes, but using your elbow to -- over here, your wrist, and just -- the clash, like they call it, the clash. So Henry Cowell was writing music for that, so I happened to have some recordings of it, and I played it for Eddie Palmieri, and I hate to say it, but I was responsible for Eddie Palmieri playing with his elbows on the piano.