Complaciendo a las Audiencias Diversas

Presentando: Dimas Garza
Tiempo: 0:49 minutos
Extracto:"Esa es la principal, la principal cosa que tú querías hacer, mantener a la gente contenta.  Si tú los mantienes contentos, ellos volverán para verte de nuevo."
transcripción completa

The Tourist club, when we started playing there we had a different experience.  We got to -- there was a mixture of different people, so you had to cater to blacks, Mexicanos, whites.

And when you see people of a different culture dancing to your music, what you're playing, it makes you feel good, and then you go back to our, our people, Mexicanos, you cater for them also in Spanish and in English, and still they would dance, have a good time.  That's the main, main thing you wanted to do, keep people happy.  You make them happy, they'll come and see you again.  When they know (inaudible) going to play this day, that night, they'll be there.  They'll come back.  It was a lot of fun!