Tocando los Tambores en el Parque Part 1

Presentando: Michael Carabello
Tiempo: 1:27 minutos
Extracto:"Escuché a aquellos percusionistas de congas tocando en las gradas, donde están las escaleras, y fui allí y me detuve a observar estos individuos que tomaban vino y fumaban marihuana y tocaban las congas, y pensé, “Ésto es mejor que la pesca!"."
transcripción completa

I happened to run into these drummers fishing with my stepdad at Aquatic Park, which is down by the Fisherman's Wharf.  My dad would go fishing down there at like 5:30, 6:00 in the morning on [Beauty?] Pier, and by 11:00, 12:00 I was pretty bored with that by that time, and I would say, "I have to go to the bathroom," and I would walk down to the Coast Guard.  I guess that's the Coast Guard thing that's right there on the...  The Sea Scouts, Sea Scouts Coast Guard station that's right there, and I'd walk there and go to the bathroom there where the little hamburger stand was.  And one day I decided to go a little further, you know, and I heard these conga drummers playing up in the stands where the stairs are, and went up there and stood up there and watched these guys drink wine and smoke pot and play conga drums, and I thought, "This is better than fishing!"  (laughter)  So again, I would go fishing with my dad every Saturday and Sunday just to see the conga players at Aquatic Park.

And I started just going there on my own on the bus, taking a conga drum I had borrowed from a friend of mine, and got on the 47 Potrero, and which nobody took drums back then, especially conga drums on the 47 Potrero, from Ralph Park all the way up Van Ness to Aquatic Park, and I'd have a yellow conga drum -- of all colors to have a conga drum, yellow -- and go there and play conga drums on Saturdays and Sundays, and just really, really be into it.