Conjunto Bernal [1954-1977]

The Bernal brothers, Paulino (accordion) and Eloy (bajo sexto) first began playing for audiences in the early 1950s as Los Hermanitos Bernal. In 1954 they got their big break when they recorded for the legendary Ideal record label.

It wasn’t until later that they caused a sensation with their 1958 album, Mi Único Camino which introduced three-part harmony into the conjunto. By 1960 Paulino and Eloy established themselves as musicians at the forefront of conjunto music. Their continued persistence to set themselves apart from other artists pushed more innovations. They added a second accordion, played by Oscar Hernández, and introduced the five-row chromatic button accordion.

Many of their songs from this period have become standards and markers of technical skill for conjunto musicians of today.

Conjunto Bernal