Little Joe y La Familia [1940- ]

Little Joe (Jose María De León Hernández) helped pioneer Tejano music.

At a young age Little Joe learned to play guitar. In 1953, the 13-year-old  was recruited by David Coronado & the Latinaires. A few years later the band had their first performance at a sock hop playing Top 40 covers. In 1958 they recorded their first single Safari Part I and II.

Little Joe’s brother, Jesse joined the band in 1959 to replace Coronado. It was at this time Little Joe took leadership of the group and renamed it Little Joe & the Latinaires.

In the 1970s after playing in the San Francisco Bay Area, he was influenced by the Latinismo he encountered. Eager to “get back to his roots,” he changed the band name to La Familia. During this time, he recorded the song "Las Nubes,"  which became an anthem for “La Onda Chicana” (The Chicano Wave).

In 1992 he received a Grammy for “Best Mexican American Performance.”

Little Joe y La Familia