Lydia Mendoza [1916-2007]

Nicknamed "La Alondra de la Frontera" (The Meadowlark of the Border), the legendary Lydia Mendoza first recorded with her family in 1928 for OKeh, a subsidiary of Columbia Records located in San Antonio, Texas.

Her family was one of the first Tejano groups to record for a major label. Later, an executive from Bluebird Records was so impressed by her talent at such a young age he signed her to his label. Her compelling recording of Mal Hombre (Bad Man) for them in 1934 started her on a solo career that spanned over 60 years.

She has made over 200 recordings in many styles dear to Mexican and Mexican American communities. Her powerful and soulful delivery of words accompanied by her 12-string guitar earned devoted fans on both sides of the border.

Lydia Mendoza