Royal Jesters

Although they had little national success, the Royal Jesters is the group most loved by San Antonians.

Oscar Lawson and Henry Hernández started the group in high school because they where inspired by the vocal harmonies of trios and loved to sing the harmonies. Like many teens, they were also drawn to rhythm and blues and the doo-wop groups that were popular on the radio.

After having some local hits like "My Angel of Love," they started their own labels, Jester and Clown Records, to record their own music. Even more adventurous, they rented a hall called El Patio Andaluz, which was a two-story venue that had an outside patio. El Patio became a center where they organized dances, rehearsals, recordings and rented it out for parties.

Many great singers passed through this group including Mike Pedraza, Louie Escalante, Joe Jama and Henry Martínez from The Commands. The talented singer and songwriter Dimas Garza joined them in 1962 and wrote many of their hits, including "Love Me" and "You’ve Succeeded."

The Royal Jesters