Rudy & The Reno Bops

Rudy Tee (Rodolpho González) and his brother “Red” (Manuel González) first started performing in 1952 in their group Red y Su Conjunto. A year later they changed the name to Conjunto Los Panchitos with Rudy on guitar and vocals and Red on the drums.

Two years later in 1955, they formed Rudy & the Reno Bops after being influenced by rhythm and blues. Their first recording was Cry, Cry released on the Rio label in 1957.

In the 1960s The Reno Bops toured the U.S. which included Texas, California, Arizona, and Illinois; and in Mexico City where Rudy was a major force in the emerging rock ‘n’ roll scene. Even though they performed R&B they also kept close to their Tejano roots and performed and recorded many successful Spanish language songs.

In the mid-‘60s Rudy and his brother got an opportunity to start their own label with partner “El Pato” González. The label was called PaGoGo records. The first group he recorded was a young Chicano group known as ? & the Mysterians. Rudy coached them and helped them with their famous recording of 96 Tears.