Cubop (Cuban bebop) is a style of music associated especially with trumpet player and bandleader Dizzie Gillespie. During the 1940s in New York, Gillespie was influential in the development of bebop, a style of jazz that emphasized speed, complexity and quirky phrasing.

Gillespie was also fascinated by the rhythms of Afro-Cuban music. In 1947, he hired Cuban drummer Chano Pozo to join his band and Pozo entertained audiences with his dramatic conga solos and singing. The composition Manteca, co-written by Pozo and Gillespie, opened up new possibilities for jazz, emphasizing polyrhythmic contrast and freeing the bass to play syncopated patterns instead of “walking” on the beat.

Gillespie also collaborated with famous Cuban musician Mario Bauza and is cited as the person who discovered trumpeter Arturo Sandoval while touring Cuba. Gillespie helped advance the Latin jazz genre as well, working with other bebop musicians, such as saxophonist Charlie Parker, to make recordings that featured bebop style solos over a Latin rhythm section.

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