Miami Music Scene

As the closest major U.S. port city to the Caribbean Islands, Miami’s substantial Latino immigrant population has long been an essential part of the city’s identity. A diverse population, subsequent fusion of cultures and nearly tropical coastal setting lend themselves to an eclectic music scene and Latino music is the main feature.

Much like Mexico's inevitable influence on the music of the southwestern U.S., Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Colombia, Venezuela and other Caribbean nations have all influenced the style and sound that comes from Miami. Blending with the unique American culture of south Florida, Miami is a place where many new and hybrid musical genres were conceived. 

Sitting just over 200 miles south of Miami, the island nation of Cuba has always been a cultural influence on southern Florida. Despite the long-standing U.S. trade embargo against the country, the unique Cuban culture remains a major import. Traditional Cuban styles like the mambo, Cuban son, cha cha cha and conga were all brought with Cuban immigrants to Miami where they enjoyed new success and revitalization. Likewise, the styles of the Dominican Republic, particularly the merengue and bachata, became popular in Miami.

The overwhelming influence of Latin culture, not too mention the city’s proximity to the Caribbean Islands, has made Miami one of the biggest international hubs of Latino music. 

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