Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass
1943: Zoot Suit Riots
1954: Operation Wetback
1968: Brown Berets/East LA Walkouts
1970: Chicano Moratorium Committee
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The Premiers
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Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass
Cannibal and the Headhunters
The Zoot Suit
Pachuco Boogie
The Bullfight
El Monte Legion Stadium, San Gabriel Valley, 1960s
El Chicano
Los Illegals
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Los Lobos
Lyrics to "The Neighborhood"
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30 Seconds Over Portland Concert
The Brat at Club Vex
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St. Aphinsus Youth Club Presents:
El Vez
Los Lobos Poster
Los Illegals
Mark Guerrero and Tango

The Los Angeles Story

Shaped by its historical and geographical connection to Mexico and its unique intersection of multicultural communities, the rock and roll scene in Los Angeles influenced the nation.

By the 1920s Los Angeles was the west coast’s major hub for Spanish language music recordings and live performances by Latino artists from the Southwest, New York and the Caribbean. During the Great Depression the mass deportation of U.S. citizens of Mexican descent devastated the thriving Latino music scene. But, after World War II, a new generation began to create a unique scene.

The majority of children of Mexican American veterans returning from WWII primarily spoke English and grew up in multicultural working-class neighborhoods east of downtown. The Mexican American sound they created was characterized by its give-and-take with African American musical communities south of downtown, English language lyrics and Latin American musical traditions. The vigorous R&B, rock and roll, punk and hip-hop scenes of L.A.’s Chicano Eastside have helped shape American popular music, even as the constant infusion of immigrant laborers from Mexico and Central America continue to provide new musical ideas and identities.

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Billy said, "No, nothing's going to happen. Just play like you're going to play at a wedding, and that's, because that's what you do. You play, OK?" And he says, "Well, you...
Billy Cardenas, Lawrence Perez John Perez & George Delgado
The Premiers
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