Map showing Journey to Miami

Journey to Miami

Only 225 miles from Cuba, Miami has been significantly influenced by major waves of Cuban immigration. The largest Cuban exodus followed the 1959 Cuban revolution when thousands of immigrants settled in Hialeah and the ethnic enclave of Little Havana.

  1. 1933: Fulgencio Batista’s regime drives out thousands, including 16-year-old Desi Arnaz
  2. 1959: Cuban revolution sends hundreds of thousands of exiles to Miami and other U.S. cities
  3. 1980: Mariel Boatlift sees approximately 125,000 immigrants flee by boat
  4. Miami today: Includes Havana and Hialeah

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Defecting To Miami: Arturo Sandoval "I decided a long time ago I want to live, I knew I have to go somewhere else to develop my career and get some opportunities."