Tito Puente
Wanted by FBI: Willie Colón Album
Dancing in the Catskills
The Palladium Ballroom
B-Girl Dancing
Asalto Navideno Vol. 2 Album
Bang! Bang! Push, Push, Push Album
Celia Cruz & Willie Colón: The Winners Album
King of Mambo Album
Dancing at the Palladium Ballroom
Chano and Dizzy: Cubop
Fearless Four
S.S. Puerto Rico Passenger List
Pan American Airways Ticket
Club Handbill
Party Invite
Concert and Dance Ticket
Souvenir Picture Folder
Boogaloo Dance Poster
Fania All Stars Live Poster
Hip-Hop Concert Poster
La Conga Poster
Celia Cruz - Madison Square Garden
Latin Jazz Poster
Arsenio Rodríguez
Mario Bauzá
Mongo Santamaría
Tito Puente
La Lupe
Tito Rodríguez
Joe Cuba
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Pérez Prado
Rubén Blades
Celia Cruz
Willie Colón and Héctor Lavoe
Charlie Chase
Joe Bataan
Daddy Yankee
Luny Tunes
Mongo Santamaría's Hands
Mongo Santamaría's Poster at the Fillmore
Pérez Prado Poster
Ivy Queen
Carter de Mongo Santamaría
B-Girl Dancing
Cartel de un Hip Hop Concert
Celia Cruz y Willie Colón: The Winners Album
Machito and Graciela
Calle 13
Johnny Pacheco
Juan Luis Guerra
Jose Feliciano

The New York City Story

New York City was the first center of the recording industry in the world, beginning in the 1890s, and the city attracted professional musicians from all over Latin America.

Cuban musical styles like the rumba, mambo and cha cha cha were widely popularized by New York bands and recording labels through the 1950s.

Puerto Ricans also participated in the development of those styles and, by the mid-20th century as their population grew not only in numbers but in the music industry, they fueled the development of salsa music, popularizing it internationally in the 1960s and 1970s. In recent decades, the population of Dominican immigrants rose sharply. Caribbean Latinos, many of whom are of African descent, have also had extensive musical exchange with African Americans in New York.

Interviews & Commentary

I hate to say it, but I was responsible for Eddie Palmieri playing with his elbows on the piano.
Andy Gonzales
Arranging Part 3
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