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The San Antonio Story

The rich musical cultures that have coalesced in Texas over the last hundred years have created a distinctive musical flavor in the region.

The conjuntos, orquestas, rhythm and blues combos, and country bands fused polkas, rancheras, corridos, blues, jazz, country, and other musical elements that provide the foundation for its popular music of today. Many musical centers emerged, including Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Alice; but when looking at Latino influence in popular music, San Antonio stands out. It had the highest concentration of Tejanos and a high number of composers, songwriters, and recording labels.  At one time San Antonio was anticipated to be a center of popular music production that would equal Nashville and Los Angeles. San Antonio and other South Texas cities played an important role in the development and commercial success of tejano music.

Interviews & Commentary

He was tough on us, but that's why we, we were who we were, the Sunliners, you know, 'cause he was, Sunny was a good, good leader in that sense, you know. He was awesome,...
Joe Jama, Henry Parilla, Chente Montes & Rudy Palacios
Sunny & The Sunliners
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