The Blues

Featuring: Carlos Santana
Time: 1:36 minutes
Excerpt:"Hearing this music took me into a palace."
full transcript

I went to this friend of mine’s house.  His name was Chi Chi and he’s a bass player from the TJ’s, the, one of the first Tijuana bands, the TJ’s.  And they were basically playing B.B. King’s music, Ray Charles’ music and Little Richard’s music.  And it was th-, they had it really down.  You know, especially the guitar player named Javier Batis.

It was just-, he had a mattress, an, an, an, the dirt is,  Tijuana’s k-, Tijuana’s kind of like Star Wars Cantina and it’s very funky, very, you know, very scary back then.  I’m sure it’s even worse now.  But hearing this music took me into a palace.  

You know, hearing Jimmy Reed sing, you know, “Big Boss Man” or “You Got Me Runnin’”, “Baby What You Want Me To Do”, you know it just got all inside my guts and I knew then that my skin is a camouflage, ‘cause I’m a black man all the way through and through, man.  I can go to anywhere in Africa or Chicago and they ain’t got nothing on me, you know, ‘cause all that stuff is just an illusion anyway.

It’s, it’s about how deep you feel that note.  And I got news for you.  Black people don’t have a monopoly on rhythm or feeling.  That’s, that’s a given gift to every human.