Palladium Part 1

Featuring: Eddie Palmieri
Time: 1:04 minutes
Excerpt:"You did that all with a dollar in those days. Now, forget about it."
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In 1956 that uh to be able to get down to uh, to uh an engagement with _______ at that time, uh, because you would play like club dates.  And you played the Palladium with that, but we had a night at the Palladium for example, uh… I would leave the Bronx, you know, and, and uh had a, a ’50 Chevy, uh, you know?  And I would go into the g…gas station and I would ask for 50 cents of gas.  And they would give me almost four gallons – it was 12 cents a gallon at that time.  Then I had to decide whether I was going to take the bridge, the Tri-Borough Bridge, or, or, or the Third Avenue which you didn’t have to pay.  But let’s say I took the Tri-Borough Bridge which is at…now at four dollars, at that time it was a quarter.

So now, I’m, I’m in for 75 cents.  And when I got downtown, the municipal parking lot was 10 cents an hour which you didn’t have to pay ‘til you left.  So if I still had an extra quarter I would be able to go…call home, you know, that, and then have a, a, a, a nice beer, a Blarney Stone before I went upstairs to perform.  (chuckling)  With the band.

You did that all with a dollar in those days.  Now, forget about it.