Palladium Part 2

Featuring: Ray Santos
Time: 1:59 minutes
Excerpt:"Last night they played 'Sun Sun Babae' and the floor caved in."
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I was playing with Josesito Roman there, and he played that every night.  And I noticed that there was a middle part that was like a break and then the bass and piano would go bong-bong-bong bo-dingoo bam-bam-bam bo-dingoo, and you get like, 200 people on the dance floor stomping -- bom-bom-bom bo-dumpa, bom-bom.

So when you get 200 people stomping in time on a wooden floor, something's going to happen to that wooden floor.  So (laughter) -- when it first started, the people -- there was a bar downstairs and after a while the ceiling started to weaken because of boom-boom-boom bo-dum.  And so one -- one evening the plaster all rained down on the people in the bar downstairs because of "Sun Sun Babae".  And once I was down in the bar one night and I could hear all that stomping upstairs, wow, you could just hear the feet stomping.

I remember I came to work one night and I saw there's a -- the red rope that they use to -- how do you call?  Separate the dancers from the bandstand, and it was all -- across half the dance floor and a friend of mine told me, "Well, last night they played 'Sun Sun Babae' and the floor caved in.”

So what happened after that is Maxwell Hyman, the owner of the Palladium, prohibited Tito Rodriguez from playing that arrangement anymore.  So when he contract -- I think he said, "It's on the contract, the contract says you have to leave the arrangement of 'Sun Sun Babae,' give it to me at the beginning of your engagement."  He put it in the safe, in a safe, and at the end of the engagement he'd give it back to Tito Rodriguez.