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Hispanic Heritage Month is upon us—a time to honor the contributions of Hispanics to the fabric of this nation. In celebration we are launching the Sabor Blog. Why a blog you ask? What is American Sabor?

This Smithsonian traveling exhibition sponsored by Ford chronicles the impact of Latino music in the U.S. through 5 cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, San Antonio and New York. It highlights how Latino musicians have influenced popular music throughout the decades and will start to tour in early 2011.

Many of us may be familiar with Latino music legends like Celia Cruz, Santana, and Gloria Estefan. We know they are multi-platinum selling artists. But did you know that the Mexican-American Eastside band “Cannibal and the Headhunters” opened for The Beatles during their 1965 sold-out U.S. Tour. Check out the excerpt below from the PBS Documentary, "Chicano Rock."

Through the Sabor Blog, we’ll chronicle the stories behind these music legends and genres, explore the behind the scenes on the making of the exhibition, and follow the exhibition as it makes its way across the country.


Hey, great blog, guys.

Hey, great blog, guys. Looking foward to seeing it develop!

Who are the curators of this

Who are the curators of this fascinating exhibit?

The curators are Jasen Emmons

The curators are Jasen Emmons from the Experience Music Project and Shannon Dudley, Michelle Habell-Pallan and Marisol Berrios-Miranda from the University of Washington. The associate guest curators are Rob Carroll and Francisco Orozco, also from the University of Washington.

This exhibit was terrific and

This exhibit was terrific and I was so learn about some new groups. I was disappointed that Xavier Cugat was omitted. Although he is of European decent, he was still hugely influential in bringing Cuban music to the US.