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Latin Rhythms Come to Life at Sacramento Public Library Free Latin Jazz Concerts

Legendary percussionist Pete Escovedo kicked off American Sabor Community Programs

Sacramentans rocked-out to Latin rhythms of jazz, R&B and funk at a standing-room only performance of Pete Escovedo and his Latin Jazz Orchestra at the Sacramento Public Library on June 8th.

Escovedo—who is featured in the exhibit—toured and performed with Carlos Santana. In 1970 he and his brother co-founded Azteca, an Oakland band that featured horns, woodwinds, multiple keyboard and vocalists, guitars, drums and several Latin percussionists. Escovedo is viewed as one of the standard bearers of Latin jazz, and his orchestra is considered one of the finest ensembles in the genre.

Innovative community and family programs designed by each venue are a key component to the American Sabor exhibit. The Sacramento Public Librarywill be hosting educational and family activities—including dance demonstrations, concerts and films—as part of the American Sabor presentation through August 13, 2011.


This is nice info! There are

This is nice info! There are certain unique styles of music that can directly go to our heart. It is such great experience to enjoy it for any time. Thank you so much for the share on free Latin jazz concerts.

I am fortunate enough to be

I am fortunate enough to be there for the live performance of Latin Jazz orchestra and I must say that it was a great event! As I went through your post, it reminded me that event. I appreciate the way you have selected for this great mission.