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Second in the series: San Francisco Public Library Draws Crowds to Music Programs

Orquesta La Moderna Tradicion performed to an exuberant audience of about 100 at the Mission Branch Library on October 1. This was another program organized by the San Francisco Public Library as part of American Sabor.  Audience members of all ages danced wherever they could to the vibrant beats of contemporary timba-infused arrangements of Danzón music.  Branch Manager Isabel Delgadadillo-Romo found out the youngest in attendance included a six-week newborn while other families brought toddlers and school-aged children sharing the Latin music tradition with its newest set of fans.

Photo by Ricardo Antoni

Guest blog by Lisa Vestal, San Francisco Public Library




music allows us to express

music allows us to express our feelings and thoughts indirectly. Many people listen to the music that they listen to because they identify with it. It could also be a source of inspiration and motivation.