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SPECIAL GUEST BLOG: American Sabor Gets Visitors Dancing at the Dallas Latino Cultural Center

Latino music has been wafting through the galleries of the Latino Cultural Center of Dallas ever since the installation of American Sabor, much to the pleasure of patrons of the Center. Visitors have been charmed by images of their favorite Latino musicians as well as old LP covers. Younger visitors swarmed to the interactive listening stations and jukebox. Everyone moved across the dance floor, swaying to the rhythms of Latino musicians from across the country. 

The Latino Cultural Center welcomed over 500 local students to the American Sabor exhibition; many of who had not realized the impact that Latino’s had in shaping popular American music. Younger students were taken by the mystery of listening to music on LP’s while older students were inspired by the stories of young Latino artists like Alice Bag and Ritchie Valens. Students were able to draw parallels between their diversity and the diversity of artists on display allowing them to dialogue about the unique fabric of their daily lives.

Besides being a fun, interactive exhibition housed at the Latino Cultural Center, American Sabor has allowed patrons from diverse backgrounds and generations to come together to experience the joys of music.


Guest blog by Patricia Morales, Cultural Programs Coordinator at the Latino Cultural Center

Images courtesy the Latino Cultural Center


It is recently that I started

It is recently that I started watching the performance of these Latino musicians and I enjoyed it very much. From your blog, I came to know about their various cultural activities and I am so grateful to you. Keep sharing similar info!